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About Us


Our company that was founded in 2004, has made a significant development as one of the most important actors in the sector it is serving and producing thanks to its dynamic, experienced and continuously developing staff it has established

Products that are developed with the latest technology and designed and manufactured with our professional staff ads value to many companies and brands. Our company making its investments and developments within the framework of advanced technology and innovations, continuously increases its resources and production quality and continues to create a professional line in its sector.

With our production lines that have been perfectly designed in accordance with the structure of the wide range and areas we are serving at, our advanced technology machinery park and our professional staff we are targeting the best since years and are exceeding expectations with our services.
With our philosophy of focusing on the product, we are continuing to ensure sustainable success with our customers, company and our business partners by working with our staff that is specialized in every product group.
We thank you valuable customers who ensure that our company has gained a corporate identity in the production, marketing and technical service areas.

We as Yeniler etiket, contribute in the growth of many companies and sectors by adding dynamism and innovation to many sectors through our products and services.



We Combine Packing With Art...

We promise happy customers with our innovative structure and experience.


Our mission is to continuously ensure development of our staff that is considered as the most important asses of the company and to make investment in company technology and infrastructure in line with these developments in order to offer the obtained value as quality services to our customers.  Our mission is continuous renewal within the framework of these principles, to have the target to always look forward ad be open for development, to provide products and services with the same quality and importance to our countries industrial service all over Turkey.


Yeniler Etiket targets to understand the needs of all its customers, to produce correct solutions and to offer satisfactory services that will last forever.


Our vision is to become a leading group that emphasizes customer satisfaction without compromising on quality in order to make positive contribution on the community and the environment, to increase the targets with the success it obtains with its activities in order to provide services to wider audiences.


In order to become the most effective, innovative and reliable company of the label industry in which we are active, our quality policy is to transfer the latest technology to our customers in line with their needs and to offer appropriate solutions, to base on customer satisfaction without compromising on quality, to develop our qualified personnel and to comply with and continuously improve the management system conditions.

For our customers:
Always to offer the best in optimum conditions and to emphasize stability and quality based on satisfaction in all of our services.

For our suppliers;
To offer the care and precision that we do expect from our customers to our suppliers in the same sense of responsibility

For our employees;
To contribute them to become a community never ignoring personal development and occupational safety, that is happy and complements one another.

For the environment and society: